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Kevin Durant

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    • ¿Habías visto a Shaq cantando?

      El ex astro de la NBA hace incursiones en la música junto al cubano Jacob Forever como parte de su viaje como embajador deportivo a La Habana.

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    • Will Duncan's lessons be applied to LeBron?

      Healthy superstars are the NBA's best currency, and no one understood that better than the Spurs with Tim Duncan. Will the league finally adjust to keep LeBron and others on their feet longer?

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    • By the numbers: The timeless Tim Duncan

      Tim Duncan didn't start playing basketball until high school, having been a swimmer before Hurricane Hugo destroyed his pool in St. Croix. Duncan, who retired Monday after 19 seasons, didn't let a late start stop him from leaving a mark on hoops history.

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    • La declaración de Durant

      Conoce lo que publicó el nuevo jugador de los Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant en The Players' Tribune.