Latino boxing on top again?

NEW YORK, N.Y. (ESPNdeportes.com) -- Puerto Rico, most probably, is the country with the largest amount of world's boxing champions in the entire planet… per capita. I didn't bother checking what would happen if we add champions from Santo Domingo, México, Cuba, and the rest of the Caribbean, plus South and Central American countries, to the fifty one (51) already produced by my birthplace. But I know it would be a huge sum.

Not surprisingly, Latino boxers are phenomenally stimulated, by their brothers and sisters of similar culture, language and names who live in the United States.

But they also bring to the square styles, attitudes and behaviors, which are automatically loved by the general boxing fan, no matter what Latino country they come from. Most of them are macho men with a will and determination very difficult to excerpt from them. Most are classic intimidators, who become hard to defeat when they add a set of brains that provides them with enviable limits of relaxation and concentration, once they are actually engaged in their risky profession.

Relevant non-Hispanic people involved in the business of prizefighting always knew about the natural adaptation of Latinos to boxing. In effect, if we feel we can succeed in the struggles common inside a boxing ring, then we can do it practically anywhere else. And that boxing conviction most probably inspired other Latinos to acquire enough confidence to search and find championship crowns in and outside the ring.

The point is that once again, the Latino fan's persistent approach to boxing is increasing as the quality of boxers from every Latino country improves constantly and surely.

A soon to come boxing program taking place on December 9 in the Historic Paradise Theater, Bronx, NY and referred to as Boxeo Caliente, has been formulated by Cedric Kushner Promotions. Unbelievably, for this one, boxing is going to be mix with the newest Latino spectacular music and dance, better known as Reggaeton. The band and singers' delivery, and the Boxeo Caliente Dancers' series of steps go hand in hand with the unique rhyme, totally modern (and zestful) in the Hispanic music scene.

The news that Panamanian Roberto Durán is playing a very important role in the promotion of this program should fill every Latino fan in this nation with pride and happiness. Former super-champions like him should always be connected with the sport they understand and continue to help and develop. Besides, Durán is one of the smartest boxing champions I have ever seen in action.

Playing the game from a very special perspective, Cedric and his boxing promotion company, are very impressive presenting with his Boxeo Caliente, a magnificent card of Latino prizefighters. These boxers seem to enter the ring with the notion, that they have the obligation not only to win but, to entertain the viewers as well -with an exciting performance. Even the most conservative boxing fan enjoys Latinos in action. Of course, my personal taste differs somewhat from that point of view. I love my favorite boxers to hit, and don't get hit in return.

Young prospects like Bronx favorite Jorge Terón (8-0, 6 KO's) will perform not too far from his residence, and so will undefeated half Mexican and half Irish female prospect, Maureen Shea (3-0), also from nearby.

The rest of the card includes: Mexican, Mike Achando (25-1) of Los Angeles vs. Dominican, Antonio Ramírez (28-7); Mexican, Julio César García (33-2) vs. Colombian, Moisés Pedroza (25-6); and Puerto Rican José Nieves (13-0) vs. Colombian, Angel Priolo (33-3).

Of course, nothing will interfere with the boxing program, including the Reggaeton music and dance. I had been promised that one, cannot meddle with the other. There will be Reggaeton music in between fights, but the Boxeo Caliente Dancers will perform in the club where there is no boxing-environment

I don't expect to experience a single second of boredom during the process of this potentially superb boxing schedule!