A clear goal

COLUMBUS -- The Mexican National Team did not have an easy day at the training facility of a Latin league team from Columbus. But even though the field was a mess, very muddy, the Mexican players assured to be thinking only in the objective of beating the United States next Wednesday.

"The field was not in optimal conditions, but we are ok, with the illusion and the desire to work hard and win on Wednesday. The truth is we are feeling great, and I'm sure that we are going to win on Wednesday," said Oswaldo Sanchez.

The Mexican goalkeeper thinks that both teams will have to deal with the field at the Columbus Crew Stadium and the weather conditions, so Mexico cannot put any excuses and has to go for the win on Wednesday.

"We are not thinking about that. The weather and the field play for both sides, so we cannot put any excuses. We have played in similar conditions in many different cities, so we are only thinking about beating the United States on Wednesday."

Sanchez, who played in three World Cups, thinks that Mexico needs to take advantage of the field irregularities by using his teammates long distance shots: "We have to try shooting a lot. It will be important".

Finally, the veteran goalkeeper asked his fans to believe Mexico can end the bad streak against the United States: "I want to ask them to have faith. We want to play a good game and we will need the good vibe they'll send us," he explained.

Likewise Sanchez, Omar Bravo said that the weather should not play a part in the game and that Mexico should focus in finding its opponent weaknesses to earn the win: "Everything is fine, there's no even wind, nor is as cold as the say. The most important thing is to respect our opponent and try to make them feel vulnerable with our game and the tactical plan the coach has prepared."

The Deportivo La Coruña's forward acknowledged that Mexico needs to impose its style and adapt quickly to the field conditions: "Every team has its characteristics and plays accordingly to its strengths, and I know that we all know how to play small ball, or otherwise adapt to whatever happens."

Finally, the former Chivas rejected the notion that the United States will try to wait Mexico with a solid defense and use counterattacks to kill them: "Everybody has different views, but I do not think the United States is a defensive team. They are disciplined and well trained; the reality is that they are professionals and know what their game is."