Num. Nombre
15Liam Williams, FB
14George North, W
13Owen Watkin, C
12Hadleigh Parkes, C
11Josh Adams, W
10Dan Biggar, FH
9Gareth Davies, SH
1Wyn Jones, P
2Ken Owens, H
3Tomas Francis, P
4Jake Ball, L
5Alun Wyn Jones, L
6Aaron Wainwright, FL
7Justin Tipuric, FL
8Josh Navidi, N8
16Elliot Dee, R
17Rhys Carré, R
18Dillon Lewis, R
19Adam Beard, R
20Ross Moriarty, R
21Tomos Williams, R
22Rhys Patchell, R
23Leigh Halfpenny, R

*Los jugadores actualmente en la cancha se muestran en negritas

Info Juego

Estadio: Oita Stadium
3:15 AM, Octubre 20, 2019

Comentario de partido

81'20-19 End of second half
80'That's all from us at Oita, but make sure to stick around for our live blog of South Africa vs. Japan.
80'Warren Gatland won't be too happy with that performance from Wales. They never took control of the match, even with the extra man for the last 25mins.
80'France were in that match and could have easily taken the win from this match, instead they were forced to cling to the lead through an absolute brain explosion from Vahaamahina. Absolutely justified red card, but France will devastated by that move.
80'Siren sounds and Dan Biggar sends it into the stands! Wales are through to the semifinal with a tight one-point 20-19 victory! It was the other way eight years ago, but in 2019 it's Wales who take the win and go through.
79'Wales win their lineout and edge up field through their maul. France eventually shut it down, but Wales happy to just hold onto the ball here.
78'And the penalty goes to Wales for France collapsing. That's all over for France, surely. Wales have the ball on the halfway and go for touch.
78'Player substituted - Maxime Médard , Francia
78'Substitute on - Vincent Rattez , Francia
77'Wales eating more and more time at the scrum. That's about two or three minutes already gone.
76'France try to play it in Wales' half, but it's too big again and goes dead! Big mistake for France and the ball's brought all the way back to halfway and Wales just eat the clock at the scrum.
76'Substitute on - Elliot Dee , Gales
76'Player substituted - Ken Owens , Gales
75'Biggar makes no mistake and gets the conversion for the one point 20-19 lead.
75'20-19 Conversion - Dan Biggar , Gales
74'They stick with the on field decision and it's a try! The ball is stripped out of Serin's arms and Tipuric collects it. He gets tackled short but Moriarty has no one in front of him and he gets it down.
74'18-19 Try - Ross Moriarty , Gales
73'TRY! What a scrum from Wales! Ross Moriarty looks to have made up for his yellow card as he dives over the line. But they're going upstairs to check there's no knock on.
73'Wales kick it to the 22 and they secure their lineout. They edge forward through their maul before Willaims thinks he's spotted a gap but France shut it down. They rumble it forward and it's a knock on! Wales were a certain try then, France had no one out wide in defence, but they've dropped it in the tackle!
73'Player substituted - Antoine Dupont , Francia
73'Substitute on - Baptiste Serin , Francia
73'Player substituted - Rabah Slimani , Francia
73'Substitute on - Emerick Setiano , Francia
72'Wales with the penalty just on the halfway, France just getting the timing wrong at the breakdown and taking out the scrumhalf.
71'Wales trying everything to get through the French defence but are getting shut down, they go for the kick and put the pressure on Lopez who cleans it up in the back.
70'They've made ana asboltue mess of it! The ball comes out at the back the scrum but Serin can't control it and Wales grab the scraps and send it to the left. They eventually put it to the boot, but get the ball back and are in possession on the halfway.
68'The ball comes out and Vakatawa charges straight at Dan Biggar. Biggar does everything he can to hold on but he's driven straight back and Vakatawa makes about 15m. Wales kill the ball and France get the feed at the scrum just eight metres out.
68'Substitute on - Cyril Baille , Francia
68'Player substituted - Jefferson Poirot , Francia
67'France with the put in two metres outside Wales' 22. Big moment for both sides. France happy to take the reset and eat the clock.
67'France win their lineout but their maul is going no where. Dupont puts on some fancy footwork and finds the gap before it's shut down. They send it wide for Lopez to send it high and to the right. No one really lays claim to it and it's mess on the ground before Wales are pinged for a knock on.
66'Player substituted - Bernard Le Roux , Francia
66'Substitute on - Louis Picamoles , Francia
64'Wales run the ball from the halfway and are finding some metres in the stretched defence, but can't find a hole. Tomos Williams darts through and needs to find the offload. But the French defence have taken another step up. Wales go wide but it's intercepted! It was a certain try, France were stretched thin across the park, but some how they've stolen the ball and they've won the penalty at the breakdown!
63'Wales win their lineout, but it's loose in the maul and it comes off a foot for France to regather. France are just staying in this match at the moment, but you feel Wales should break it open any moment now.
63'Substitute on - Adam Beard , Gales
63'Player substituted - Jake Ball , Gales
63'Substitute on - Rhys Carré , Gales
63'Player substituted - Wyn Jones , Gales
63'Substitute on - Dillon Lewis , Gales
63'Player substituted - Tomas Francis , Gales
62'Oh no. Wales sends the restart straight to Penaud and he drops it cold! Wales collect the loose ball and send it to the right, they eventually win the penalty at the break down and France are pinned all the way back into their 22.
60'France collect the restart from Biggar and keep it in hand before Maxime Médard sends a nice little kick to the left hand touch line just inside Wales' 22. Wales look it rumble it from the back of the lineout before Davies sends the box kick. Médard sends another long kick and it rolls into the in goal again.
60'Drop goal-missed
59'Wales send it downtown from the back of their scrum and France attempt the long drop goal but it's touched and just dribbles along the ground. It's a bit of to and fro, before a French kick goes way too long and bounces into the in goal.
58'France forwards rumble it forward before they send it to their right again, but they knock it on! They finally found some space but Vakatawa sends the ball instead of holding it and it goes to ground.
56'France win the lineout and they go to the maul again. They're getting no where and Peyper tells them to use it. France continue to run it into the middle but they're not finding anything, they eventually go to their right wing but again they're shut down. Wales just closing down everything.
55'It's a quick restart from France and Wales quickly take control of the pill. They make their way in field and cross the halfway, but France have won the penalty at the breakdown again. Huge turnover for France and they send it to the line just inside Wales' 22.
55'Player substituted - Gregory Alldritt , Francia
55'Substitute on - Paul Gabrillagues , Francia
55'Substitute on - Tomos Williams , Gales
55'Player substituted - Gareth Davies , Gales
54'13-19 Penalty goal - Dan Biggar , Gales
53'Biggar slots it and it's now 19-13 with over 25mins left to play.
53'Wales decide to go for the three. They need to close this gap quickly before France get their tales up.
52'Wales are sent back to 10m inside France's half where they take the line out. Wales continue to rumble it forward, with Jones barging through the middle before Wales get the penalty for the tackler not rolling.
50'Wales rumble it forward from the lineout, but France have won the turnover! Huge defence from France to keep them out there.
50'Substitute on - Camille Chat , Francia
50'Player substituted - Guilhem Guirado , Francia
49'Wales send the ball to touch and they win their lineout. They get the penalty for France collapsing the maul and suddenly Wales are now in the perfect position to score.
49'Tarjeta roja - Sebastien Vahaamahina , Francia
48'RED CARD! Vahaamahina has been given his marching orders after that poor effort. That's completely turned the tables here.
48'Dumb, dumb, dumb from Vahaamahina. France were in the perfect position to score then and he's cost them a try and he's almost certainly off for the rest of the match. That's his night done.
47'Big moment for France here. They win their lineout and go to the maul, they rumble it in but they go more sideways than forwards. They take it out, but it's a penalty! France give away the penalty for wrapping their arm around the neck of a Welsh defender in the maul. Poor effort from Vahaamahina, who even threw in the elbow straight to the Welsh face.
46'France with the lineout and go to the maul again. They get the advantage before the maul is brought down. With the penalty they send it to touch again and are determined to come away with a try.
45'Wales send the restart deep and France make their way to the halfway. Lopez goes for the high torpedo and Biggar goes high and brings it down just outside his 22. Wales eventually send it back to France and Lopez chooses to keep it in hand and makes a nice little break down the left before he's brought down. France bring it in field and Dupont sends a lovely kick to the sideline and it's touched by a Welsh hand before it finds the line and France get the lineout 10m out.
44'Drop goal-missed
43'France claim their lineout and try the rolling maul. They don't make much ground before they send it to centre Vakatawa. He's brought down quickly and France struggle to make any ground. Flyhalf replacement Camille Lopez goes for the drop goal and it only just slides down the right of the post.
42'Wales keep the ball in hand and look to find a few little gaps but France close the holes quickly and France win the penalty just inside their half.
41'France kick off and Owen Watkin takes the ball inside the 22. Davis send it downfield but doesn't send it out. Both sides happy to play a bit of aerial pingpong before Liam Williams takes a nice high ball just inside France's territory.
41'I hope you're comforatble because we're back for what's sure to be another fast paced half.
41'France may rue the choice to go for the three in the closing minutes of that half. They were in control and had the extra man, instead they came away with nothing and Wales will return to the field with a full side.
41'Well, who would have picked this from France? Perfect start from Les Bleus with the early try. Their backs are running some great lines and finding the smallest gaps to bust through, but Aaron Wainwright kept Wales in it early.
41'The halftime hooter has gone off, the scrum goes down and they look to reset, but Peyper calls time and the teams jog it in.
41'Player substituted - Romain Ntamack , Francia
41'Substitute on - Camille Lopez , Francia
41'+110-19 End of first half
40'10-19 Start of second half
39'France don't look like they know what to do with the ball a lot of sloppy offloads and eventually they knock the ball on. Wales pick it up and send it wide, and it's intercepted! But we go back to the knock on and Wales get the put in at the scrum just inside their 22.
38'France win their lineout, but again it's a bit messy as they try to move it out from the back. They take the ball in field and try to use their centres to bust through but are struggling to find any holes in the Welsh defence.
38'Ntamack hits the uprights! He was about 15m in from touch and within the 22m but he can't slot it. Wales clean it up and Biggar sends it into touch just a metre or two outside the 22.
34'France look certain of a try here, but somehow Wales hold them out and a few sloppy passes see Wales come out with the ball. But they don't send it out and France find the space down the left side and are charging for the line. Desperate defence from Wales sees Fickou brought down just metres out. France continue to throw it around, before they choose to chip it ahead and it rolls into touch five from the line. France with the advantage though and they get the penalty and France go to the sticks.
32'Biggar restarts with the ball going into France's 22m. France go to the short side and try to kick it over the top, it's deflected but it goes France's way with Médard kicking it downtown and Biggar is forced to run the ball into touch just 10 out from his own line.
32'10-19 Conversion - Romain Ntamack , Francia
31'TRY! Vakatawa barges through the line and he's over! Fickou and Ntamack suck in the defenders and Vakatawa runs the perfect angled line to slot through the gap and crash over for France's third try. Ntamack wasn't going to miss from that close and the score blows out 19-10.
31'10-17 Try - Virimi Vakatawa , Francia
29'France get the lineout just outside Wales' 22 and win the throw in. It's a bit messy, but they keep the ball alive. They continue to rumble forward with fullback Médard and centre Fickou finding some small gaps before they close iup.
29'Yellow! Peyper has gone back to check out the high tackle and Moriarty is shown the yellow after his arm took out Vakatawa's chin.
29'Tarjeta amarilla - Ross Moriarty , Gales
28'Player substituted - Josh Navidi , Gales
28'Substitute on - Ross Moriarty , Gales
27'France get the ball out quickly from the back of their scrum and they send the ball deep into Wales' 22. Williams happy to send it back to France who again send it deep again. Eventually the ball finds touch from North. France play it quickly and send a lovely kick pass to their wing who finds plenty of space. He's brought sends it back inside to his 13 who is taken high in the tackle. France continue to throw the ball around and are just metres from the line but knock the ball on.
27'Biggar sends it into touch about 15m into France's territory. Wales win their lineout but Davis has nowhere to move and is eventually brought down. It's messy from Wales as they send it to the middle, but the ball goes back. Tipperick finds the gap and blasts through, but can't find the pass. Wales send it wide and are finding plenty of space. They look in control here, but miscommunication in the runners and Biggar looks to go wide but one of his forwards is in the wrong spot and the ball goes forward.
24'The drop kick is brilliantly taken by France and they make easy metres down the field before Dupont is pulled down just over the halfway. France look to be rumbling downfield, but Peyper blows up a penalty against France for a neck roll at the breakdown.
22'Both sides happy to return to the kicking game. Ntamack sends a few nice kicks into Wales' 22 but North is happy to play quickly and Wales send it back to France. France look to run it but the offload goes wide and it's a turnover. Davis kicks it downfield, but it goes way too long and into France's in goal for the 22 restart.
20'Sorry team, looks like we lost connection there for a moment. Wales managed to win the penalty inside France's 22 for a high tackle and Biggar converted closing the gap to just two points.
20'10-12 Penalty goal - Dan Biggar , Gales
15'Ntamack restarts and sends it deep. Both sides are happy to play the kicking game, before Liam Williams claims the mark and sends it into French territory. Both teams happy to kick the ball and play the advantage game. Wales send the spiral kick and win that battle as it heads into touch metres inside French territory. France win the lineout, but Al Wyn Jones does what he does best, disrupting the maul and kills the ball. Wales come out with the scrum and it's the first of the night.
13'Biggar converts and suddenly it's 12-7. It's raining tries tonight, unlike last night, it's both sides enjoying the share of tries.
13'7-12 Conversion - Dan Biggar , Gales
12'TRY! Aaron Wainwright can't believe his luck. The ball is loose after a France knock on, he picks it up and there's no one in front of him. He's more than 40m out and he charges all the way to the sticks to close the gap.
12'5-12 Try - Aaron Wainwright , Gales
10'Biggar restarts and sends it deep again. France return serve to Wales who keep the ball in hand, but France turn it over. It gets messy and France are pushed into their own 22, before they send it deep but it doesn't go out. Wales choose to counter, but France are in their face and force the mistake. Wales send it into touch on halfway and France get the lineout.
9'0-12 Conversion - Romain Ntamack , Francia
8'TRY!! Two tries in three minutes, it's the perfect start for France! Ntamack gives it off to outside centre Virimi Vakatawa who puts on some dancing shoes before he fires it back to Ntamack who's in the space before he sends it to his scrumhalf who sends it to their flanker Charles Ollivon who runs it in for France's second try. Ntamack converts and it's a 12-0 lead.
8'0-10 Try - Charles Ollivon , Francia
6'Biggar restarts and send it to France's 22 with the try scorer taking it cleanly before Antoine Dupont sends it over the top. It's a bit messy in the air, but France come out with the ball.
6'Romain Ntamack can't convert it, but France will be very happy with the strong start.
5'TRY! Sebastien Vahaamahina scores his first international try and it's a big one for France. They win the lineout and they drive for the line, they look certain to go over but Wales keep them out before they send it out to Vahaamahina who charges straight into the defence and pushes over the line.
5'0-5 Try - Sebastien Vahaamahina , Francia
4'Great counter attack from France and they look like they're certain to score there, but Wales manage to slow them just metres from the line before they steal it at the ruck. Biggar clears it out, but it's a France lineout just five from the line.
2'The throw is sloppy but Wales clean it up but are pushed back into their half before Davies sends the box kick over the top and France take it 15m within their own half. Both sides happy to trade a few kicks early but it's France who make the first break of the night. They pounce on a loose ball and chip it down the sideline forcing Liam Williams to clean up just metres from their line.
1'Wales get driven back in the tackle and Biggar goes high and Maxime Médard claims the mark before he quickly clears it out and deep into touch. Wales get the lineout one metre into France's territory.
1'We're underway with Dan Biggar kicking off for Wales and it goes deep and Gregory Alldritt drops the ball cold! A mistake early from France and Wales get the ball just outside France's 22m.
1'First we have a moment of silence for the many who lost their lives during Typhoon Hagibis which hit the main land last Saturday. Now for the national anthems. There's plenty of red and blue in the stands and the crowd makes sure to get behind their sides as they prepare for kick off.
1'The players are getting set to run out onto the field. France may have secured the win in 2011 but they're the underdogs tonight. It's sure to be a tight clash, make sure to send us your thoughts on twitter at @espnscrum
1'If you need some help with tonight's anthems, don't worry, World Rugby have you covered.
1'We've had the toss and Wales will kick off.
1'Big news coming out of Wales camp today.
1'In breaking news following last night's disastrous result for the Wallabies, Michael Cheika has announced he will step down from his coaching position. You can find the news here: with more to come.
1'Hello and welcome to our live blog of the Rugby World Cup quarterfinals. First up we have Wales vs. France before the darlings of the competition, Japan, take on South Africa in their first ever World Cup quarterfinal. Wales and France have only faced off once in World Cup history with France coming out triumphant in a one-point 9-8 win in Auckland eight years ago. Wales will be desperate to avenge the agonising loss and secure a semifinal place.
1'0-0 Start of first half


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